7 myśli nt. „Luxoft Poland sp. z o.o., opinie”

  1. I’m working here almost 3 years and I can tell that this place is full of caring and nice people. You can always count on other people when you facing a difficulties. Support of other people makes the job a lot easier.
    Projects require a lot of time and resource so work life balance often does not exist due to the large number of duties. Also many meetings could be emails.
    Company doesn’t pay much.

  2. I’ve been working here for more than 1.5 years now. Although our base salary (we also have bonuses) is rather average, I was really happy with this work. Unfortunately, the global crisis approached Luxoft too. Everything slowed down, so it is a bit demotivating. However, there are no layoffs in recruitment which make me feel safe.

    Our team is nice, there is no place for mobbing or discrimination which is really important to me.
    Despite of crisis, I can still see opportunities to grow professionally and receive a raise/be promoted.

    flexible working hours, remote work, private health & dental care, group life insurance, loyalty program, mybenefit program, events & activities for employees

    average salaries

  3. Luxoft is a good company for ambitious people who can take care of lot of tasks at the same time. The colleagues and managers are pretty supportive and kind. The company organizes a lot of events and gives the opportunity to develop not only in the professional area.

  4. I’m working at Luxoft/DXC some time and I can agree that your voice in this company really matters. If you need support, help in solving a problem or just mentoring, there will always be someone who will help you.
    The company is very multicultural and supports initiatives that support minorities.
    The company also activates people for various additional tasks and strongly supports additional learning. At Luxoft, we have access to Udemy Business as well as internal training.

  5. I have been working for Luxoft for almost a year. Luxoft is a key
    player in providing valuable and trustworthy services to various
    clients. In Luxoft, everyone gets the opportunity to grow
    professionally as well as personally. You will enjoy work-life balance
    while working for this organization. Higher management listens to
    employee concerns and does the best to address it. Luxoft is one of
    the great organizations to work without any regret.

  6. Pracuję w firmie już ponad 6 lat i jestem bardzo zadowolony. Przede wszystkim firma docenia pracownika i oferuje bardzo konkurencyjne benefity.

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