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It's, that you are here shows, that you are looking for work and you want to find the, that is most appropriate for you. Do you like to see the company and get to know how it works from the people, who already work there? You do not like ads and the same superlatives beep notes that you hear during recruitment?

This site just after it has been created! Just the same rate whether a company fits you. Read the reviews and leave your review of their existing employers.

The independence of the

Home page SuperPracodawca.pl is an independent party with the opinions of employers. We do not have a job with us so we're not paid to opinions about the company were the most positive. Does not depend on us to have the same good opinions.


On our site you can always be anonymous. Reviews posted on the site are not submitted anywhere else. The email address is used only to screen out spam. Thanks to increasing the quality and the relevance of the opinion left with us. You can also be informed about newer opinions about the company, that came out later.

Objectivity over subjectivity

Your subjective views translate into an objective picture of the legislature. Do not hesitate- write a review of Your current and past employers. It will be easier to determine a good employer and pathologies at work!

We have nothing to hide

Reviews presented by our users are covered by the terms and conditions, that gives them the right of free speech.

Independent reviews of employers

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