What personal data we collect and why we collect it


When a site visitor leaves a comment, we collect data visible in the comment form, as well as the visitor's IP address and browser signature as an aid in spam detection.

An anonymized string based on your email address (the so-called hash) can be uploaded to the Gravatar service to check if you are using it. Gravatar's privacy policy is available here: Once a comment is approved, your profile picture is visible to the public in the context of your comment.


If you leave a comment on our website, Your name will be saved, email address and website address in cookies, thanks to which when writing subsequent comments, the above information will be conveniently supplemented. These cookies expire after a year.

We also save cookies, that allow us to customize our website better for you, and marketing content.


Who is the controller of your personal data?

Administrator, i.e. the entity deciding on it, how your personal data will be used, is WebMedica Adam Skurski s.c. (further "Webmedica") with its registered office and address in Łódź at ul. Zgierska 93/105/160. NIP: 7251899208 , REGON: 101577201

The addresses of our websites are:


Who you can contact, for more information about the processing of personal data by Webmedica?


You can contact an employee of our company by email:


How long we keep your data

If you leave a comment, its content and metadata will be stored indefinitely. Thanks to this, we are able to recognize and approve subsequent comments automatically, without sending them to each moderation.

What rights you have to your data

If you have added comments on this site, you can request the delivery of a file with the exported set of your personal data in our possession, including all those provided by you. You can also request that we delete all your personal data in our possession. This does not apply to any data that we are obliged to keep for administrative reasons, legal or security.

Where we transfer data

Guest comments can be checked using an automatic spam detection service.

We also send cookie data to our trusted partners. Our Partners, as separate controllers of personal data, process your personal data on the basis of their legitimate interest or consent.

List of our trusted partners:

LittleBigData Sp. o.. Al. Of the National Education Commission 95, 02-777 Warsaw NIP 701-03-60-755 | REGON: 146405459 Privacy:

Societies sp. o.. SP. (k). with its registered office in Warsaw, address: UL. Engineering 8, 03-422 Warsaw; Privacy:



Netsprint S.A.. Building Focus entrance C Al. People's Army 26
00-609 Warsaw NIP: 951-19-69-310, KRS 0000550668

Privacy, and changing its settings:

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