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Well, as we all are and i. The work on the monitoring of commercial object. Falsifying reports service (the scope of fire protection, working time, etc.), store employees not trained with a range of conditions for cooperation with the protection, security conditions and logical thinking. You bring back attention, that exit or. are locked out of used goods, that the cameras are LOWEST…[Read more below]

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3 thoughts on "Solid Security Sp. z o.o., reviews”

Solid Security Sp. z o.o., reviews


The atmosphere of the work


    Relationships with the leaders


      Training and development opportunities

        1. The atmosphere of the work


          Well, as we all are and i. The work on the monitoring of commercial object. Falsifying reports service (the scope of fire protection, working time, etc.), store employees not trained with a range of conditions for cooperation with the protection, security conditions and logical thinking. You bring back attention, that exit or. are locked out of used goods, the cameras are the LOWEST possible quality, they like NOT WORK, that the workplace protection is excruciatingly cold, you want to go on a break, It's all Don'ts. Control on the part of the representative of the network, If someone with a review section is a joke. Workers are doing what they want (stand-alone transition from kasetką, lack of knowledge of the provisions of, inefficiency during shots). The tragedy. Donosicielstwo, lies, etc.. are in the standard. So to protect rossmann'a.

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        2. The atmosphere at work is horrible,relationships with the leaders a total bottom,possibility of professional development. I worked in Solidzie four years and really such a brothel has not yet seen. The company also employment of a person with a degree on niepelnosprawnosci,but there is no such people adapted. When no objects are on compulsory leave sends or l-4, and then You absolve and issues an opinion not very flattering. Human resources even does not know how to properly work certificate issue. Inspektorow which employ even umia not properly perform the timesheet service arranged. Never was my tenure in any Solidzie training was only folded signature that took place and all that. For footwear and clothing also was hard to solicit an until he himself did not buy. Knowing that employ disabled people with various medical conditions is the first I do not mind,and then they treat you like a cheap robola. I suggest to keep away from Solidu! Is rudeness, etc..

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        3. I worked 6 years as PH. Safe was pretty good as was the results of the, of which the rational approach to work was not too hard… Of course, the work is not nice, easy and enjoyable because of the lack of minimum work ethics in 'poganiaczach’ -headers, which sometimes also long-range efforts in the management of the branch. The paranoia started ok. November 2013 r. When the Chief idiot this company in DH Kosior… He came up with the 'genialny’ the idea that the traders do debt collectors… The atmosphere, conditions, and reciprocal connections at work have changed from a moderately bad and nasty in the complete view, mobbing and chamówę, and most of all a complete mess.
          Harassment of workers, even persecution, forcing to slęczenia on your phone and try debt customers can always sue in relation 3 days of the week. Cash departments do not execute min. 50 dodzwonionych phones (!) to the client (and what if you, that allowed obdzwaniało to dodzwonienie for example,. 35 customers?!), cutting money for fuel or um/orders. with stupid reasons, trim or freezing of commissions, Chicane, threats, etc.. By 'złote thoughts’ reduced earnings among managers of DH in Poland without reconciliation (change of the conditions of the game during the game…) about 1/3 or even 1/2… Requirements to create stacks of reports with senseless work on the principle of: one report in the morning from the previous day, in the afternoon, the second day of the current report, in the meantime, the current report of recovery operations to be performed on a regular basis and their reproduction in paper form and electronic, and it all had to be so summarized in the weekly report (prescribe and podliczać…)! To this came the reports, that had to be done '’ When the headquarters of Mr. K he brainstormed with the owner of the company and it was necessary to specify e.g.. number of tel. dodzwonionych, niedodzwonionych, call duration (!!!), the amount of paper notes drawn up for the day, the number of customers to use, number of obslużonych, quantity remaining to handle and most importantly how much money zwindykowano with customer base 2009 (r)., 2010 (r)., 2011, 2012, 2013, bieżcych broken down by service (for example,. , multiple-choice answers, gpsy…) etc, etc… And it was all controlled and checked by the Hounds in the in-the-know, which looked by the cameras installed in the microphone with the illegal any Office and the insight into the Billings each 'handlowca '!
          The actual work of trade remained two days a week or afternoons, evenings or weekends (do not pay for overtime, and you often have to work after 10 (h))… I once had to be found to make customers and sell them something…
          This is just the tip of the iceberg, because I do not want to further describe the paranoia that has Solid company for their employees in the last year…
          I'll write yet what were the effects of the polityky: over the year in Poland is gone 3/4 top traders, who built this company (with seniority min. 4,5,6 years), DH managers in individual cities, who had a very large share in the building of a brand and the strength of this company in the 2014 r. left I guess 15! Maybe more. Changes for the worse occurred also in other sections, for example,. technical, The Intervention Groups. Not to mention the hardware, which is sold as a new, and it is often used or brand is the only housing!
          Currently, experienced and familiar with the stuff of workers is not trying on all ok. 1/5 on a national scale, the rest is so-called staff. cannon fodder, not knowledgeable on anything or łebkach, where the shoulders flows down a whole bunch of work, themes and papierologii after predecessors, who have left the ranks of the SS.
          So to sum up: firmly and strongly advise against working in this company, because I do not believe in the improvement of the atmosphere, and in any specific earnings or not. Well, I guess, anyone that wants to be a Negro ;)
          According to. my opinion of this company is so nadęta like przerośnięty belly v-ce President of the K and is not able to maintain their size already nothing bar for tight pants!
          Hence desperately struggling to keep its status of having as little effort, and, above all, as little as the cost of, so if anyone still hesitates then you should ask yourself a question, is it everything I described above want to firmować his own name???
          It is better to find a job in another company and live in peace.
          Good luck and best regards!
          P. S.
          From what I know is they were employees of the SS plan to or already have brought the matter to the courts against Solid…

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