Pracowałam tam jako manager przez 3 years. Earnings 2100 …

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Pracowałam tam jako manager przez 3 years. Earnings 2100 brutto a ciśnienie z góry jest niewyobrażalne. Osoby które pracowały tam jako sprzedawcy zarabiały tam najniższą krajową (tyle samo co pani z biedronki na kasie ) Cel żeby wyrobić premie był nie do przekroczenia.

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Ideal Work Sp. z o.o., reviews
And the first comment is some crap, in the life of 300 € earned unless the przepracowałeś few days and zmiękłeś.
You can earn you can live and living conditions cool but this is not a luxury hotel here as a guest wished. It is ok to be valid, that safe for work affect your account

Ideal Work Sp. z o.o., reviews
I'll be there started work. I move things these litter pics? I got a contract for a month because it said, It is always. The kitchen is on more rooms than the bathroom I look because I got pics yet apparently not done new? A friend is there and talked, that conditions are good as the Polish realities therefore decided. Takes care of there employees Ceo? Give some info because, on the one hand, such a friend happy and how can I read it I wonder. about the potraceniach I heard but you pay as there are no picks and how they are se does not pay? Because a colleague is doing 1200-1600 and it says, that does not pay.

Lovo, practice and internship
Once upon a time I was looking for an internship, that really would help me in the development of. In college a lot I wanted to learn but, first and foremost, I wanted to find them a good job for themselves. I remember, that couples wishing and I've been on various offers employers and eventually I went for an interview to the LoVo, that is where. The conversation was very specific, and not without a subject related to the future but also my future, that could be associated with the company. At length I was accepted and I have to admit, that much I learned there, especially from the team with which “I worked”. Contact with people, Sales Department – well there hit. Reliable employer, terms of service very good, adapted to my classes. You need to give each other a lot but in return gets a lot, so there is nothing to regret. Definitely worth a try, especially, I LoVo very broadly now works and has a wide range of VoIP technology, which ever faster enters the Polish market and more and more about the Let's hear.

ALSI Ltd.. o.. SP. Partnership, practice and internship
ALSI Ltd.. o.. SP. (K). It's such a creature that 50 employees 45 This steering wheel , and the rest is a receptionist, Cook, cleaner and 2 the location on the entrance gate to the company. Of these 45 “project managers” at least 5 She has a habit of following “the company has a habit of walking in flip (was excellently sited)… I'll write a short: parting short and apparently normal , term of payment on the next day after parting (parting really due to a lack of cash and liquidity). The so-called Sales Manager stated that the money would be in my account within – that transfer has just come out the next day… Did not go to the… After many phones and email pezsłali 40 % wynagrodzienia on 11 days after the date of… I waited a week … may not actually have the money, but at that time I learned of my contracts affected them more than 50 thousand zł…I started wydzwaniać and subsequent emails to send, but it turned out that nobody is going to talk to me – almost a month after the date sent 100 buy as a partial payment … After you I decided that sformalizuję your request… The final request for payment przedsądowe is left unanswered, and now I'm waiting for the decision of the Court of. One advice for prospective employees: you do not have a knife at the throat it bury

NITROERG S.A., reviews
payment always on time, earnings at the place of 10 years. Physical work, you have tons of flip, all the time in the concentration. work indoors and outdoors, what some hurts the head due to harmful substances. I wonder how dziadki 67-year-old give advice ? There is no chance of an increase ,remuneration policy hopeless for manual workers, the only exceptions if you have highly placed friends, in the Nitroergu residues from the PRL.

Oney Poland S.A., reviews

Oney Poland S.A., reviews

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Relationships with the leaders

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Training and development opportunities

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